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Brain Game Time!

Amy Vatne Bintliff - September 8, 2014

Game time is being cut in exchange for increased direct instruction time in reading and mathematics. But research shows that games actually nourish the brain—and one teacher uses them daily in her classroom.

Getting Students in the Mix

Teaching Tolerance Staff - September 5, 2014

Want to ensure a successful Mix It Up at Lunch Day? Get your students involved!

The Making of Beautiful People

Dr. Ruth A. Wilson - September 4, 2014

Children are susceptible to superficial notions of beauty, but this teacher believes the real purpose of education is to give them a different message.

Teach For (a Diverse) America

Emily Chiariello - September 2, 2014

A former Teach for America corps member reflects on the changing face of the organization—and our nation's student demographics. 

Exploring Why People Don’t Become Activists

Lauren Porosoff - September 2, 2014

This teacher uses activist memoirs and an engaging exercise to help her students overcome internal barriers to acting on their values.

You Can’t Mix It Up Alone

Teaching Tolerance Staff - August 29, 2014

If you’re going to ask your students to mix it up, it’s only fair that you get out of your comfort zone and meet some new people too!

Leveling the Economic Playing Field

Liz Clift - August 27, 2014

Can pro-equity policies reduce divides between the “haves” and “have nots”? An after-school educator thinks so. 

Students Are Watching Ferguson

Monita K. Bell - August 26, 2014

At a time like this, educators can’t afford not to discuss Ferguson in the classroom.

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