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Community, Home and Schools—Relationships We Can’t Ignore

Going into children’s communities is the best way for teachers to learn about the cultural wealth existing in homes and to understand the importance of including families in the education of their children.

Laughing in the Classroom—Safely

Chad Donohue - May 20, 2014

In more than 20 years of teaching students ranging from as young as 12 to as old as 70, I have found one thing to be verifiably true: Humor positively impacts the learning environment.

Multiculturalism in the Preschool Classroom

Dr. Sharon Chappell - May 19, 2014

What does a commitment to pluralism look like when working with children under five?

Ready for Summer? Take Us With You!

Teaching Tolerance Staff - May 16, 2014

The Teaching Tolerance Summer iPad edition is available for download today!

60 Years after Brown, the Battle for Equal Education Continues

John Adams - May 16, 2014

The Brown decision represents a symbol of the country we still seek to become.

Speaking Tolerance

Liz Clift - May 15, 2014

Speaking tolerance and speaking about tolerance are not the same thing.

Give the Kid a Pencil

Chad Donohue - May 12, 2014

We all make mistakes. How teachers respond has everything to do with whether or not their students feel valued as human beings.

You CAN Teach About Religion in Public School!

Sara Wicht - May 9, 2014

The First Amendment defines the parameters of including religious content in U.S. public school classrooms, but teachers still wonder: What does religion as content look like?

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