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Rush into Battle

Maureen Costello - June 19, 2014

We stand behind Teaching for Change’s efforts to diversify children’s literature.

Thank You for Holding Us Accountable!

Teaching Tolerance Staff - June 18, 2014

When we shared a problematic post on social media, our audience pushed back. What’s the next step in the conversation?

Practice Internal Nonviolence

Amanda Blaine - June 16, 2014

For this teacher, transforming her interactions with herself translates into the vision of peace she wants to teach in her classroom.

Can I Say That? Can I Wear That?

Marisa Fasciano - June 16, 2014

How much can teachers disclose about their personal religious and nonreligious beliefs to students?

Holding on to the Past is Holding on to Hope

Lecia J. Brooks - June 12, 2014

Stories from the past, like those of Freedom Summer, serve to remind us that change happens when everyday people create it.

Building School Culture Where All Kids Feel Special

Dr. Sharon Chappell - June 10, 2014

In a world where competition awards few people on the backs of many, school awards can be redesigned to prioritize equity.

Defeating Sexism in Sports Culture

Ashley Lauren Samsa - June 9, 2014

The same stereotypes that hurt and limit girls can also hurt boys and any student who does not adhere to binary gender norms.

Signing Off on the Year—Equitably

Chad Donohue - June 6, 2014

Few of us really want to remember what we looked like in middle school, but nobody wants to remember what it felt like to be the kid who had nothing to sign on the last day of class. 

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