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Mining the Jewel of Black History Month

Emily Chiariello - February 3, 2014

Planning for Black History Month can be authentic without falling into the pitfalls of the “heroes and holidays.” Look for ways to involve the entire school community and teach about the history and experiences of African Americans across the curriculum and throughout the year.

No Choice for Many Students

M. Geron Gadd - January 31, 2014

The law is touted as a way to provide "school choice," but in reality it discriminates against many impoverished families.

The Textual Lineage of a Teacher

Emily Chiariello - January 30, 2014
What are the important textual touchstones in your life?

A Teacher Remembers Pete Seeger

Dr. Mikki Shaw - January 29, 2014

The legendary folk singer affected students through avenues beyond song.

Mentoring Towards Equity

Jim Hiller - January 27, 2014

Mentoring is not about telling new teachers what to do. It’s about cultivating their skills early in their career.

Extra! Extra! The Spring Issue is Here!

Teaching Tolerance Staff - January 23, 2014

The spring issue of Teaching Tolerance is on its way to schools across the country!

Cartoneras Meet the Common Core

Nichole Berg - January 21, 2014

This writing unit celebrates students’ talents and cultures.

Saying No to Social Bullying

Ashley Lauren Samsa - January 17, 2014

Relational aggression is often harder for educators to spot than physical bullying—but prevention is possible.

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