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Cheerios Expands the View of Family

Sara Wicht - June 3, 2013

General Mills recently ran an ad for Cheerios cereal featuring an interracial couple and their child. This is cause for celebration and an opportunity to help students explore race and expand media literacy. Unfortunately, not all viewers saw it that way.

LGBT Teachers Need Allies

Allison Ricket - May 31, 2013

When LGBT teachers have to live in fear of being outed, their capacity to service students in an authentic way is diminished.

Helping Students Get into History

Amanda Blaine - May 30, 2013

This teacher helped students process a connection to slavery in their community that was engaging and insightful. 

Helping Students Build a World Without Hate

Trevor Barton - May 24, 2013

An Anti-Defamation League video inspires this teacher to help his students imagine—and build—a world in which everyone thrives. 

'Persepolis' in the Classroom Led to Understanding

Ashley Lauren Samsa - May 23, 2013

Persepolis helped make the case for open discussion and books reflecting a variety of cultures. 

Social Emotional Learning Should Be Seamless

Sara Wicht - May 22, 2013

Social and emotional learning can boost academic performance and reduce instances of bullying and should be part of every lesson plan.

Challenge Self-Segregation with Mix It Up

Lisa Ann Williamson - May 21, 2013

Research says that students in larger schools tend to self-segregate. Educators can help create a sense of community with Mix It Up at Lunch Day.  

What’s Your Plan for Managing Difference?

Zaretta Hammond - May 17, 2013

Need tips for managing the dynamics of a multicultural, multiracial class? Here are four ideas to help you put a plan in place. 

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