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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 — Title IV: Equal Education for All

Cheryl Lederle - June 26, 2014

A decade after Brown, Title IV again called for desegregation of public schools. Studying images of segregated schools close in time and place can help students build a picture of the wide discrepancies between educational facilities.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Title VII: The Freedom to Work

Anne Savage - June 26, 2014

Primary sources--like discriminatory "help wanted" ads and posters--can help students understand the significance of Title VII.

Freedom Wasn’t Free in ’64—and It Isn’t Free Now

Monita K. Bell - June 24, 2014

Freedom Summer, a new American Experience film, highlights an overlooked but essential period in the civil rights movement.

Calling All Bloggers!

Teaching Tolerance Staff - June 23, 2014

Have something to say about social justice and anti-bias issues in education? Consider blogging for Teaching Tolerance!

Rush into Battle

Maureen Costello - June 19, 2014

We stand behind Teaching for Change’s efforts to diversify children’s literature.

Thank You for Holding Us Accountable!

Teaching Tolerance Staff - June 18, 2014

When we shared a problematic post on social media, our audience pushed back. What’s the next step in the conversation?

Practice Internal Nonviolence

Amanda Blaine - June 16, 2014

For this teacher, transforming her interactions with herself translates into the vision of peace she wants to teach in her classroom.

Can I Say That? Can I Wear That?

Marisa Fasciano - June 16, 2014

How much can teachers disclose about their personal religious and nonreligious beliefs to students?

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