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Can Student Activism Break Free from Facebook?

Alice Pettway - February 13, 2012

A group calling itself “Passive Activism” claims on Facebook that it’s dedicated to “spreading awareness about people who spread awareness, rather than actually do something for people who actually do things.” I admit, I laughed. But it’s really not funny.

Addressing Poverty Bias in the Classroom

Jacqueline Yahn - February 10, 2012

My nana is laughing as she tells me one of her favorite childhood stories. As her cheeks lift into a smile, I can see the teenager who boldly told her teacher that threats to visit Nana’s parents about her behavior are ineffective. “You see,” she said, “they don’t speak any English.”

Step Back, View Conflict from a New Angle

Ted Palenski - February 10, 2012

Five-year-old Ellie started off the year on good footing. She not only joined her classmates in play but was able to negotiate with friends when conflicts arose. When she was at an activity in the classroom, whether at an art activity or in the block corner, she would almost get lost in her own motivation and passion. Each day, her rapport with her peers and teachers increased. Then things began to change.

A PFOX in Sheep’s Clothing

Alice Pettway - February 9, 2012

Can you imagine buying groceries if boxes of sugar were labeled "peanut butter" and ice cream cartons read "chicken noodle soup"? You may laugh, but our daily lives are often adventures in just such misinformation.

Injured Knee Offers Change in Perspective

Jan S. Gephardt - February 9, 2012

My knee injury was neither serious nor permanent, but it was enough to put me on crutches and earn me a key to the elevator.

Finding Money to Save Adam

Amanda Ryan Fear - February 8, 2012

As dean of students, I’m sitting at my desk passing time one morning when my radio crackles. “There was just a fight in the courtyard,” says a teacher. “I’m bringing both of the students in right now.” I sigh in frustration and turn to watch the security-camera footage on my computer. Sure enough, there are two students facing off in the courtyard. Oh no, I think. Please don’t let that be who I think it is.

Alabama NAME Conference Seeking Proposals

Teaching Tolerance Staff - February 8, 2012

The second annual Alabama Region 4 Conference on Multicultural Education is now seeking conference proposals through Feb. 17. The NAME conference will be held March 30 at the University of Montevallo and will include presentations on diversity research and innovative multicultural pedagogies.

Language Immersion in Just One Day

Alan L. Neville - February 7, 2012

I needed to expose my preservice teachers to a real, lasting experience with diversity. I had one day.
Growing up in South Dakota, where 86 percent of the population is white, my students come to college with few experiences interacting with culturally diverse students. The reality is that classrooms today are becoming increasingly diverse.

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