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An Early Experience with Learning Tolerance

Liz Clift - December 12, 2013

A childhood lesson taught this teacher to ask the right questions when working with students with disabilities.

We’ve Got Egg on Our Blackface

Jill Silos-Rooney - December 10, 2013

Wearing blackface as a joke or a tribute suggests lack of understanding about the origin of this racist practice.

Commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Sara Wicht - December 9, 2013

On this important anniversary, integrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into your classroom reading instruction.

Teaching Courage in a Postmodern World

David Knight - December 6, 2013

Students need historic context to connect activism of the past to social issues in the present.

Where Learning Happens

Matthew Swoveland - December 4, 2013

For some marginalized students, profound learning happens in the space between lessons.

Tanenbaum Webinar Helps Educators Plan for Holidays

Sara Wicht - December 3, 2013

Teaching Tolerance and Tanenbaum team up to tackle the “December Dilemma.”

Why Do Teachers Quit?

Adrienne van der Valk - December 2, 2013

We asked your best advice for improving job quality and retaining teachers. Your answers reinforced the need for social justice in schools.

Choosing Other Words

Liz Clift - November 27, 2013

This teacher was prepared for her ‘speak up’ moment—and you can be, too!

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