“Our [Mix It Up] dinner was terrific!”

That’s what Lynn English High School’s Ginny Keenan told us after she hosted her school’s annual Mix It Up at Lunch Dinner last week.

Like many schools, Lynn English High School chose to hold its fall Mix It Up at Lunch event at a time and place that allowed the most students to participate—for their students, this was an after school dinner. To prepare, the school’s planning committee transformed the library into a Mardi Gras celebration big enough to welcome more than 150 students and a dozen teachers and administrators.

Students chose a slip of paper to find out who they would be sitting with and then played icebreaker games to get to know their tablemates before enjoying a pasta dinner donated by the vice principal’s family.

The evening ended with new friends dancing the Louisiana shuffle—already looking forward to the school’s next Mix It Up dinner in the spring.