Today Is Mix It Up at Lunch Day!

Today is Mix It Up at Lunch Day, and K-12 schools, community organizations and even universities across the nation are mixing it up in unique and inspiring ways.

67 Alabama Schools Mix It Up

Mix It Up was helping prevent bullying today in Alabama. Said one Mix participant, “When we break down barriers, we learn from each other and there’s not going to be as much bullying … When we recognize our differences, and we know that our similarities are greater than our differences, bullying won’t exist.”

Bishop Ward High School

Bishop Ward students mixed it up today as a complement to their anti-bullying week. Students were given playing cards during homeroom and then seated at lunch according to their cards. Fun questions like “What is your favorite food?” and “What would be your perfect vacation?” jumpstarted conversation, and students played fact or fiction—a game where students write one false and three true statements about themselves. The other students at the table had to guess which one was false.

Bishop Ward senior Tony Subasic told the Kansas City Kansan, “I remember doing this last year. It was a fun way to meet people, different people from interesting cultures.” Another senior, Audrey Kump, said, “This was a good way to meet new people. It broke down barriers between cliques.”

Durango High School

Durango High asked its students to “come on over and challenge yourself to meet someone new” and included cool activities and treats in its event. Peat Durango posted on Facebook, “We had a great time playing Lotería, Spoons & the ‘Cake’ walk!”

Ferris State University

Ferris State invited its students to “converse and be diverse” in its Westside Café for two hours today.

Noble Middle School

Noble Middle School mixed it up by seating students at tables marked by their birthday month. They complemented the festive vibe with balloons. “It was a fun change of pace and great way to celebrate the end of Anti-Bullying Month and our Character Trait of the Month which has been TOLERANCE,” counselor Megan Demolina posted on Facebook.


Novi Meadows Elementary School

Novi students were each assigned a character word that would correspond to a lunch table: cooperation and respect, for instance. "We will have discussion questions at the table to help generate dialogue if needed. We will play music and have some decorations to reinforce that this is a special event," the school’s principals shared with parents via email. Students skipped recess to have a longer lunch and more time to chat with their new friends.


Phenix PreK-8 School

Phenix students in the third through fifth grades mixed it up during their normal lunch period. The school involved parents by having them volunteer and help the teachers facilitate conversation at each table. Phenix used the event to help foster a positive and united school culture.

SWARM – Students Working for an Agricultural Revolutionary Movement

SWARM, a non-profit organization composed of young food activists, mixed it up at Eastern Wayne High School on Oct. 29 and will do it again at Greenwood Middle School on Oct. 30!


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