Number 44: Summer 2013

Cover art by Michael Morgenstern

Teaching Tolerance examines the unique—and crucial—role teachers have in helping students understand and cope when tragic events occur.


Helping Students Realize Their Potential

Tracy Oliver-Gary is helping students realize their full potential.

Going the Extra Mile

Vanessa Dugo goes the extra mile to connect with families.

Letters to the Editor

Reader responses to Teaching Tolerance articles and resources.


Find out what's happening in the world of anti-bias education.

Ask Teaching Tolerance

Answers to your toughest social justice questions.

What We’re Reading

The latest in culturally aware literature and resources for teachers of all grades.

Michael’s Diary

All Michael really wants for his birthday is to be himself.

Lessons Learned

Looking for summer professional development opportunities? Try these self-paced modules from Teaching Tolerance.

Feature Articles

I Am Asian American

Uncover the true diversity beneath the Asian American label.

Uncommon Ground

An Ohio school district with a high percentage of Amish students learns the value of respect and compromise.

Serving Up Food Justice at School

Grow food justice in the garden or the classroom.

Fostering Allies

Students in foster care face constant transition. Educators can provide support and stability.

The Gender Spectrum

Move beyond the pink/blue binary to support students who don’t conform to narrow gender norms.

Just Science

Bring social justice into the science lab. It’s easier than you think.

How will you Mix It Up in 2013?

Last year thousands of schools participated in Mix It Up at Lunch Day—and this year is going to be even better. Start planning now to make your Mix It Up even the best it can be.

Out at Last

School policies that protect LGBT educators pave the way for more honest teacher-student relationships.

Set in Stone

How do monuments that venerate individuals who promoted hate and bigotry affect our efforts to create a more tolerant society?

When Bad Things Happen

Help kids navigate our sometimes-violent world.