van der Valk

Adrienne van der Valk began her career in social work, advocating for homeless and runaway youth and survivors of sexual violence. Her graduate studies led her to political science and journalism, and she has been using her editorial skills in a variety of social justice settings ever since. She currently serves as deputy director for Teaching Tolerance. Adrienne directs an editorial team of eight people who write, curate, edit and publish all outward-facing communications. Under her leadership, Teaching Tolerance magazine has won dozens of REVERE Awards from the Association of American Publishers, including Best Reporting, Best Overall Editorial, Best Overall Publication and the Golden Lamp, the highest award in educational publishing.
Adrienne has a passion for creative collaboration and mission-driven success. She prides herself on leading happy productive teams, directing award-winning projects, and moving organizations toward their strategic visions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Grinnell College and master’s degrees in political science and magazine journalism from the University of Oregon.

Articles by Adrienne

Youth—United! Gun Violence Is a Permanent Issue

Meet gun violence activists and high school seniors Jenna Bowker of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mary Cox of Marshall County, Kentucky, and Alex King of Chicago, Illinois.

Be Your Own Historian

Dr. Timothy McCarthy talks through the history of Reconstruction and why it’s more important than ever to get it right.

Educators Resist East Tennessee ICE Raid

Local school, church and nonprofit staff members gathered to protest an immigration raid at a local meat packing plant—and to support the children of detained workers.

The Bravery of Linda Brown

As we remember Linda Brown Thompson, we must also consider the reality of the world she lived in when, at the age of 9, she became the face of school desegregation.

From Birmingham to Parkland: Celebrate the Power of Young Voices

The young activists who emerged from the Parkland, Florida, school shooting offer educators a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the power of youth activism—past and present.