Bronwyn is a writer, editor, teacher and tutor in California, and the author of Literally Unbelievable: Stories from an East Oakland Classroom. She is a veteran of the Oakland Unified School District, where she was an elementary classroom teacher and passionate advocate for her students and their families. You can find more information about Harris and her work at

Articles by Bronwyn

Get Past Group Mentality, See People First

When I began teaching classes of primarily black students in Oakland, Calif., many of my white friends started to see me as something of an expert on African-American culture. While I understand that I could not possibly be an expert, I have been privy to some interesting conversations. I represent a comfort level that can lead to more cross-cultural discussions.

Tracking Derails Diversity

The first day of my second year of teaching, a third-grader walked into class, saw another student and punched him in the nose. He didn’t say anything or give any indication that he was going to do this. It just happened. After cleaning up the blood and redirecting the class, I asked the attacker why he wanted to punch someone else. “He’s Mexican,” he said. “He don’t belong in my class.”