Cory is a senior writer for Teaching Tolerance. He has experience in both the newsroom—as a former sports journalist—and the classroom, where he has provided reading intervention and tutoring for K–6 students from rural Kentucky to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Articles by Cory

Teaching Through Coronavirus: What Educators Need Right Now

We asked educators what they need, and we listened. We hope this message—and these resources—offer some help.

Why Lunch Shaming Persists

Lunch inequities have gone on for decades, but there’s a clear solution.

DACA Is in the Supreme Court. How About Your Classroom?

On November 12, hearings begin for the Supreme Court cases that could decide the fate of DACA. It’s an opportunity for educators to start an important conversation.

The Youth-Led Global Climate Strike and Celebrating Student Action

This Friday, students worldwide will strike to demand action on climate change. Educators should take the opportunity to support student learning and action.

In Defense of Caring About Difference

Many educators profess, as a virtue, that they treat all students the same. But when a student’s specific needs and story are erased, it’s not equitable—it’s damaging.