Cory is a senior writer for Teaching Tolerance. He has experience in both the newsroom—as a former sports journalist—and the classroom, where he has provided reading intervention and tutoring for K–6 students from rural Kentucky to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Articles by Cory

El Ritmo de la Resiliencia

Luego del paso del Huracán María en el 2017, un grupo de artistas puertorriqueños está ayudando a maestros y estudiantes encontrar propósito y estabilidad dibujando el legado de la bomba puertorriqueña.

Teaching the Government Shutdown

Avoid polarized arguments about the federal government shutdown by emphasizing historical context, processes and the shutdown's effect on people across the United States.

The Rhythm of Resilience

Following Hurricane Maria, these educators looked to tradition to help colleagues and students mourn what was lost—and celebrate what remains.

Saving Title VI

This group of moms is working to ensure no one’s children are denied civil rights in school.

Preserving a More Honest History

Want to take a field trip to a historic home or plantation? Here’s how to choose one that honors the enslaved people who lived and worked there.