Coshandra Dillard is a staff writer for Teaching Tolerance. Before joining TT, she was a freelance writer and magazine editor. She also worked as a health journalist for more than eight years. Additionally, Coshandra has experience in the classroom, having served as a substitute teacher for grades K-12. You can follow her on Twitter @CoshandraD_TT.

Articles by Coshandra

Students Know the College-Admissions System Is Rigged

When news of the college-admissions cheating scandal broke this week, young people knew it was wrong and many weren’t surprised. Here’s how you can help them tap into their power in spite of it.

Hate at School: This Viral Video Requires More Than a Conversation

A viral video of Hoover, Alabama, students making racist and anti-Semitic statements shows why educators must use anti-bias practices.

Hate at School: January 2019

We’re halfway through the school year, and there is no indication that hate incidents at school are slowing down.

Beyond the Little Rock Nine

Help students connect history to the present by including lesser-known events and milestones when you teach the history of school integration.

On Intersectionality and Allyship

If we want to be allies to our students, we have to recognize—and honor—their full identities. That means also recognizing and working to remedy interlocking systems of oppression.