Dr. Shantá
R. Robinson

Dr. Shantá R. Robinson holds a B.A. in sociology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and an M.A. in public administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She earned her Ph.D. in educational studies at the University of Michigan, where she specialized in the sociology of education; qualitative methodologies; and issues of race, class and access in secondary schooling. She began her professional career as a high school history teacher in Charlotte.

Robinson’s research interests include the role of social identity in marginalized students’ educational experiences, aspirations and outcomes; empirical investigations of marginalized student achievement and underachievement; inequities in the distribution of educational resources; and the history, culture and social organization of K–12 educational institutions. Her scholarly work can be read in International Studies in Sociology of Education, The High School Journal and Review of Research in Education. She is a proud product and proponent of public schools and is a living testament to the power of education.

Articles by Dr. Shantá

From Columbus to Charlottesville: An Urgent Call for Benevolence

This former high school history teacher now realizes that she failed her students by sticking to the subject matter and neglecting what’s most important about education. She’s worried her fellow educators might be failing too.