Julia Delacroix is an associate editor for Teaching Tolerance. Before joining TT, she was the co-director of a college writing center, the assistant director of The New Writers' Project, and a graduate assistant for the Texas Institute of Literary and Textual Studies. She taught high school and college literature and writing courses for nearly 15 years.

Articles by Julia

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An interview with filmmaker Harleen Singh

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Use TT’s Speak Up at School as a guide to address prejudice and bias in public discourse.

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Staying nonpartisan doesn’t mean staying quiet.

Your Trans Students Need You

What are the policies in place to protect trans students at your school? How can you make them stronger?

The Brett Kavanaugh Controversy Has Inspired a Dangerous Defense

Calls for due process are understandable. But dismissing allegations of sexual assault as typical teenage behavior sends a dangerous message to all young people.