Monita K.

Monita K. Bell is the managing editor for Teaching Tolerance and host of The Mind Online podcast. Before joining TT, she taught composition and literature courses at Auburn University and Alabama State University; she has also worked as an online writing tutor. Bell is the author of Getting Hair "Fixed": Black Power, Transvaluation, and Hair Politics.

Articles by Monita K.

Looking Back and Pressing Forward

As Teaching Tolerance reflects on the last decade, we are reminded that the work continues.

A Message From Our Managing Editor

In all the changes that have occurred in the last decade, one steady current is clear to TT Managing Editor Monita Bell: Our work is about doing right by all of our kids.

Teaching America’s Interwoven Histories

The shared history of African Americans and Indigenous Americans is rarely taught. TT talked to Professor Tiya Miles about why we can’t understand American history without it.

Ned Blackhawk Q&A: Understanding Indigenous Enslavement

Historian Ned Blackhawk explains why we must understand Indigenous enslavement to fully understand American history.

Another Slavery Simulation: We Can and Must Do Better

A simulation of an auction during a fifth-grade lesson about slavery last week is just the latest illustration of why we need better ways to teach hard history.