Bernal-Martinez is TT’s Teaching and Learning Specialist and a Xicana documentary artist and educator. 

Articles by Stef

An Intersectional Lesson From Reconstruction

A TT teaching and learning specialist explains how the lessons of Reconstruction extend beyond the history classroom.

Existence Is Resistance: Supporting Student-Led Social Change

As we encourage students to take action against injustice, what are we doing to support them in this work? This TT staffer offers five practical lessons she’s learned in doing just that.

Call to Action: All Children Deserve to Be Free

Guided by the belief that all children deserve to be free and to be in school, the organizers of Teachers Against Child Detention are calling upon fellow educators to demand the end of child immigrant detention.

Teachers Against Child Detention: “We’re Not Gonna Stop”

Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning talks with TT about the movement to end child detention, the upcoming Teach-In for Freedom and a Call to Action she hopes all educators will hear.

Unmaking “Hispanic”: Teaching the Creation of Hispanic Identity

“Hispanic” heritage includes a diverse range of cultures, nationalities, histories and identities. This TT teaching and learning specialist offers recommendations for teaching students the complex histories behind Hispanic Heritage Month.