1947: Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

The article "1947: Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball" was written by Suzanne Bilyeu and published in the New York Times Upfront magazine on May 14, 2012. 
Suzanne Bilyeu
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Reprinted by permission of Scholastic, Inc.
Text Dependent Questions
What teams did Jackie Robinson play for before joining the Brooklyn Dodgers?
The Kansas City Monarchs and the Montreal Royals.
Why was 1946 the right time to challenge baseball’s whites-only policy?
Answers should include the fact that World War II had left the United States with a shortage of talented ball players.
Jeff Meron wrote of Robinson, “He had absorbed enormous abuse. It had, in the long run, cost him. But what a
gift he gave us all.” Citing the text, describe both the abuse and the “gift” to which Meron refers. In your opinion,
how should we weigh the suffering of an individual against the value of a social good?
Answers should include specific examples of racist encounters Robinson experienced; the “gift” is that he broke the
color line in baseball; opinions will vary.