Danger on my Doorstep

This excerpt comes from Danger on my Doorstep: The Anita Flora Powitzer Story, a nonfiction book written by Linda Schubert and published in 2012. 
Linda Schubert
Grade Level

from Danger on my Doorstep: the Anita Flora Powitzer Story by Linda Schubert. Published by Brandylane Publishers, Inc. 2012. Copies available from the publisher at www.brandylanepublishers.com
Text Dependent Questions
Describe this family’s actions and plans to survive the Nazis. Include details from the text in your response.
In the beginning, they moved to a larger city where they were less likely to be detected as Jews. Once there, they could not leave the house so they occupied their time with domestic life and making plans to leave Germany. Their plan was to escape to the United States where their Uncle Bernard lived in New York. They got an affidavit saying the family would be financially secure once in the United States and were added to a list. After that, they had to wait and hide until their number was called.
The narrator describes the United States as a “dream” but says there were many “hurdles” to overcome before
getting there. What were those hurdles? Include details from the text in your response.
In order to immigrate to the United States, Jews needed an affidavit saying that their financial needs would be taken care of once they arrived so the government would not be responsible for them. If a family was fortunate enough to obtain an affidavit, that didn’t guarantee their entry. They were given a number and added to a list, and they had to wait until their number came up.
Why do you think the book this text is excerpted from is called Danger at the Doorstep? Is it an effective title? Use
evidence from the text to support your opinion.
Student responses will vary but should pull from the text and state their own opinion and interpretation of the title.