Summary Objective 22

Students will examine the ways in which the legacies of slavery and of white supremacy continue to affect life in the United States.
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What else should my students know?

22.A Racial segregation persists in the United States. It’s most evident in housing and education, but can also be seen in workplaces, sports settings and churches. 

22.B Profound economic inequalities stratify American society. African Americans face many obstacles to advancement, including unequal educational opportunities, unemployment, wage disparities, barriers to home ownership and persistent wealth inequality.

22.C Mass incarceration has devastated many communities of color. Police officers, district attorneys and judges arrest, charge and imprison African Americans at rates far exceeding white people, with lasting consequences for political and economic participation. 

22.D Although race has no scientific basis, as a social construct it has the power to profoundly affect people of color’s lived experiences of fairness, equality and opportunity.


How can I teach this?

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