Jolley-Sherman Informational 11th: The Search for Justice in an Unjust World

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • How do power and privilege shape the relationships people have with each other as well as with institutions?
  • How do power and privilege change the way we express and present ourselves?
  • How do we connect in meaningful ways with people who are different from us?
  • What shared beliefs have inspired social justice movements in history?
  • How is empathy a seed of social action?
  • Why is it important to stand up to injustice when those around you do not?
  • What factors are important to consider when choosing whether or not to speak up in the face of injustice?
  • What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?

Teaching Stonewall

Stonewall’s history remains largely forgotten—and unknown among young people. In the cultural imagination, it remains shrouded in myth. But the true Stonewall story can be taught. Here’s how—and why.
Teaching Strategies
Student Tasks
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