Overcoming Adversity

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • Each our characters have failed, been put down, or struggled, How did each of these characters succeed?
  • How did each of these react to the obstacle?
  • How do you move forward when all of your familiar ways are not available?
  • What were the character thoughts about life, right and wrong, and breaking "the norm/law"-before and after the obstacle, were there changes?
  • What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
  • What does it mean to feel good about myself and how can I express that I like who I am?
  • How can I be proud of who I am and celebrate others?
  • How do I benefit from my identities?
  • How do I change because I’m part of different groups?
  • Do all people have the same rights?
Teaching Strategies
Student Tasks
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