Voice Writing Trait

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • What makes us who we are?
  • How are our identities today shaped by society?
  • Do the ways we present our identities change depending on where we are or the people we are with?
  • What does it feel like to be belittled or criticized because of your identity?
  • Why might people not feel safe to express all their identities?
  • What happens when we speak up to bigotry and what happens when we do not?
  • How would society be affected if no one took responsibility for standing up for others?
  • Is it more important to stand up to injustice when those around you do not?
  • How can people with less power stand up to people with more power?
  • Can progress take place without action?
  • What responsibility do people have to help or defend people they don’t know?
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