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Celebrate Maya Angelou

In observance of what would have been her 90th birthday, take a moment to introduce your students to legendary writer and activist Maya Angelou.

Liberated Roots

School and community gardens can be emancipatory spaces—if they’re built around culturally responsive practices. Get to know three gardening activists who have learned to ask the right questions—and listen to the answers.

Reef For All

This reflection accompanies the feature story " Voices of Columbine. " Columbine High School English teacher Jason Webb took an uncommon approach in coping with emotional repercussions following the 1999 tragedy. "Shortl

Art Fosters Healing

This reflection accompanies the feature story " Voices of Columbine ." Upon hearing of the Columbine High School tragedy, Virginia Wright-Frierson was affected as a mother and an artist. Further, her cousin, Ellin Hayes,

Holocaust Survivor Inspires Healing

This piece accompanies the feature story " Voices of Columbine. " Holocaust survivor Gerda Klein, known for her work to reduce bigotry and hunger through tolerance-based education, drew from her own painful history to he

Against the Grain

This piece is to accompany James Loewen's feature story " Getting the Civil War Right ." Recently I spent two years at the Smithsonian Institution surveying 12 popular American history textbooks, learning how teachers us