Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 26, Fall 2004


Building Community in our Schools

Five years after their community became the setting for a national storyline, the people of Columbine High School reflect in the Fall 2004 issue of Teaching Tolerance.

An educator looks back at trying to lesson plan after a tragedy. A student redefines Columbine as a symbol of perseverance. And a principal still struggles to find answers.

These harrowing stories frame a special section on building inclusive communities in schools, where all can feel welcome and safe.

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"Mr. D, Don't Let Them Take Our School"

In the immediate aftermath of the Columbine school shootings, Principal Frank DeAngelis felt, in his own words, "the weight of the world on my shoulders." Five years later, he still struggles for answers — and still love
Emily Vickery
Photography by Jennifer Warburg

"I Would Never Want To Go Anywhere Else"

"Jeff, you know that you can go to any high school you want to, right?" "It's all right, Mom, I would never want to go anywhere else." I didn't answer the question with hesitation that day, nor have I any day since the s
Photography by Jennifer Warburg

"There's No Lesson Plan for Tragedy"

This is a normal place of learning. Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. Club announcements hang on walls. Choir classes prepare for concerts. Kids hold hands in hallways. Teacher Claudia Abbott And this i
Photography by Jennifer Warburg

Alternative Success

A Cincinnati school serves Mix It Up as part of academic life.
Brian Willoughby

No Laughing Matter

Young people who are overweight can face a lifetime of discrimination
David Aronson
Illustration by Craig Fraizer

Break the Silence

Gay and straight students in Massachusetts team up to make a difference
Lisa Bennett
Illustration by Arthur E. Giron

"Something Is Wrong Here"

Denver students confront racial tracking at their high school.
Tim Walker
Illustration by Edel Rodriguez

Unwelcome Advances

A Florida teenager finds school officials apathetic on sexual harassment.
Candace Frazier
Illustration by PJ Loughran

I'm Smart in a Different Way

A high school student with Down Syndrome talks about his world -- and his life at school.
Michael Arnold
Illustration by Elizabeth Traynor

You Can't Sit Here

Columnist helps parents talk to kids about social boundaries.
Dana Williams


One World

Bell Hooks

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