Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 45, Fall 2013

Cover art by Scott Bakal

There Are No Bullies

The Fall 2013 issue offers resources for educators who seek to do well by all children, especially those whose identity, mental illness or behavioral issues set them apart. Find stories on creating LGBT-inclusive school climates, spotting and addressing institutional racism at school, dispelling stigma around mental illness and establishing welcoming environments for teachers of color—a key to narrowing the student-teacher diversity gap. Finally, don't miss the cover story about why its helpful to view bullying as a behavior rather than an identity.

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Planning for Equity

Practical Resources to Help You Teach Tolerance All Year Long
Illustration by Brave the Woods / AgencyRush.com

Twice the Distance

First-In-Family Immigrant Students Face a Double Challenge When Applying to Colleges.
Warren Hynes
Illustration by Chris Buzelli

Bring it Home

Building Support for LGBT Students in the South
Sean McCollum
Illustration by Martin O'neill

Is My School Racist?

Institutional racism can be hard to spot. Try our strategies for sniffing it out.
Brian Willoughby
Illustration by Peter Horvath

You Belong Here

Creating a welcoming environment for teachers of color is key to narrowing the student-teacher diversity gap.
John Micklos Jr.
Illustration by Sophie Casson

The Shame Game

Dispelling stigma allows young people to get the mental health support they need.
Marilyn Elias
Illustration by Tonya Engel

The Incredible True Story

The Common Core elevates nonfiction—and that's a good thing!
Carrie Gaffney
Illustration by Sunny Paulk


Down the Hall

Fight for Every Child

Connecting teachers and families is a high priority for Julia Zigarelli.
Staff Picks

What We’re Reading

The latest in culturally aware literature and resources for teachers of all grades.
Story Corner

The Leaf Rakers

When a neighbor makes a racist comment, Annie and Beth must find the courage to speak up.
One World

Dr. James Comer

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