Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 27, Spring 2005

Cover art by Anita Kunz

What Johnny Can't Read

Empower students, and watch them surprise you.

Can kids handle subjects tackled in oft-banned books? Can a youth-led movement impact a nationwide movement? Can students perform a play about white supremacy and empower their peers to see themselves as heroes?

This issue of Teaching Tolerance answers all of these questions with a resounding “Yes!”

Coinciding with the release of The Children’s March, a Teaching Tolerance documentary, the Spring issue celebrates the power of students to participate in a diverse democracy and the educators who support them.

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What happens when the role of guest and substitute teachers is complicated through witnessing racism, sexism, prejudice or other mistreatment?
Amanda Lichtenstein
Illustration by R. Gregory Christie

Body, Mind and Spirit

A look at holistic educators in both private and public schools.
Photography by Michael Prince

Caroline is a Boy

The challenges faced by transgender and gender-noncomforming students are too often ignored.
Dana Williams
Illustration by PJ Loughran

School of Law

Street Law offers classroom exercises to help defuse kid/cop tensions through a combination of education and empathy.
Ken Olson
Illustration by Yi-Hsin Wu

Candles in Our Windows

A play based on real events in Billings, Mont., illuminates issues of tolerance and understanding for young students.
Kathryn McGrath
Illustration by Kara Fellows