Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 41, Spring 2012

Cover art by Valerie Downes

Possession Obsession

Read about dating abuse and the many ways teachers can help students avoid—or get out of—destructive relationships. The Spring issue also offers articles on creating healthy sports rivalries, encouraging young activists and dispelling stereotypes about low-income students.

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Out of Bounds

Sports rivalries can energize school spirit. But keeping events respectful takes a dynamic blend of foresight, leadership and buy-in from the community.
Sean McCollum
Illustration by Daniel Fishel

‘Give Bigotry No Sanction’

Why did religious pluralism flourish in the United States? Because George Washington and other Founders worked hard to nurture it. Facing History and Ourselves offers lessons that can guide students through key documents that illustrate the freedom our Founders envisioned.
Darlene Koenig
Photography by Getty Images

Civil Rights Road Trip

By tracing the footsteps of those who fought for civil rights, you may begin to think about how you can use your own voice to make positive changes.
Illustration by Tim Zeltner

From Awareness to Action

Young people make great political activists. How can you get them involved in fighting for issues that matter?
John Micklos Jr.
Photography by Todd Bigelow

The Poverty Myth

‘Low-income’ should not mean low expectations.
Jacqueline Ching
Illustration by James Steinberg

Suspending Hope

Schools in Maryland and Connecticut are rethinking suspension policies and practices. They are finding that promoting positive behavior choices rather than punishing the negative is leading to higher graduation rates, especially among students of color.
Brian Willoughby
Illustration by Sean McCabe

Class Outing

LGBT educators enjoy more openness and acceptance than ever before. But their gains have been fragile and uneven. And many still feel it’s safest to teach from the closet.
Warren Hynes
Illustration by Scott Bakal

And the Winners Are...

Meet five educators chosen for the first-ever Teaching Tolerance awards
Photography by John Healey



What’s in a Name?

A message from Teaching Tolerance director Maureen Costello.
Maureen Costello
Ask Teaching Tolerance

Advice From the Experts

Q: What can we tell parents who object to California’s new law on gay history in textbooks?
Staff Picks

What We’re Reading

The Teaching Tolerance staff reviews the latest in culturally aware literature and resources, offering the best picks for professional development and teachers of all grades.
Story Corner

An Unlikely Friendship

Story Corner - Natalie gains a new friend that she almost missed out on.
Sue Carloni
One World

Helen Keller

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