Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 49, Spring 2015

Cover art by Nate Powell

The Storytelling Issue

At Teaching Tolerance we talk a lot about making sure we really see our students—see their identities, observe their relationships with their family and community, pay attention to the signals they give us and look for ways to be responsive to their needs. The Spring 2015 issue includes features and strategies that focus not only on making sure our students are seen but also heard. We’ve dubbed it “the storytelling issue.”

Think of this issue as a treasure hunt: Why is Captain America wearing a turban? Who is the little girl in the princess costume? Is that John Lewis? The woman in the shawl looks like she’s seen some history. Who are these people, and what are their stories?

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Ferguson, U.S.A.

Hardships faced by communities in crisis are national issues worth teaching.
Jamila Bey
Illustration by Matt Duffin

Hearing the Lion's Story

Racial stress can silence children. Storytelling can awaken their voices.
Howard Stevenson
Illustration by Gracia Lam

Hate in the Hallways

Recognizing the history of defamatory symbols can help schools see fewer of them.
Marilyn Elias
Illustration by Lincoln Agnew

Behind the Shield

Meet cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, aka CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Adrienne van der Valk
Photography by Karston Moran

National Treasures

Help your students travel through time with primary sources from the Library of Congress.
Stephen Wesson
Photos courtesy of Library of Congress

A Hand to Hold

What do children need when personal tragedy enters the classroom?
Kevin Baxter
Illustration by Christopher Buzelli

Shelter from the Storm

Trauma shows many faces. Schools that recognize them can be places of healing.
Teri Cettina
Illustration by Jon Krause

Avatars and Activists

Digital gaming offers a new frontier for social justice educators.
Maya Lindberg
Illustration by Christina Ung


Why I Teach

"Radical Optimism"

Being optimistic is more than a character trait for Chad Donohue—it's a guiding principle and a way of life.
Down the Hall

"A Place for Everyone"

Meet Becca Valdez, a media specialist whose library is a welcoming activity "hub" for the entire school.
PD Café

Lights! Camera! Learn!

Browse a menu of ideas that honor student identities, build intergroup awareness and support diverse learners.
Staff Picks

What We're Reading

Teaching Tolerance staff review the latest in culturally aware literature and resources, offering the best picks for professional development and teachers of all grades.
One World

John Lewis

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