Support Students From Immigrant Families

Our web package offers resources on executive orders, ICE raids, safe zones, ELL services and much more. 

For many students from immigrant families, the shifts in immigration policy over the past month have been much more than a series of news stories; these students are dealing with tangible anxiety. Not only are teachers tasked with responding to students’ fears and providing the support they need, but also they’re working to address the facts and field students’ questions about the rapidly shifting policies.

In response to these needs, we’ve put together a package of resources to help you navigate this topic in your classroom and at your school.

This collection includes resources to help you teach the facts on executive orders, safe zones, ICE raids and immigration in general. It also includes tools to help you support English language learners and school climate materials to ensure your school is a safe place for all immigrant students.

Here are just a few of the resources you’ll find:

  • A printable poster to let students know they’re welcome at your school
  • A helpful guide for supporting children from immigrant and refugee families
  • Lessons for teaching a variety of immigration topics

Let us know how you use these resources, and stay tuned for updates to our popular “Ten Myths About Immigration” feature and our ELL Best Practices guide. We’ll be rolling them out in the coming weeks.