What We’re Reading This Week: August 2, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Many White Principals Feel Ill-Equipped to Support Students of Color, Poor Children 

Education Week 

“The report comes amid debate about whether leadership preparation programs are adequately preparing principals for the host of challenges they now face at the school building level—from rising mental health concerns in students, more complex site-based budgeting, and heightened concern over school safety, to name a few.” 


Survey: Teachers Are Conflicted About the Role of Suspensions 

Education Week 

“Many teachers think out-of-school suspensions are racially biased and can be harmful to students—but many still claim they have a role in controlling student behavior, with about half of teachers saying that schools should suspend students more often, a new study finds.” 


A School Administrator Tries to Shame Poverty Away 

The Hechinger Report 

“We should be trying to solve the problem and find inequitable funding structures instead of shaming students. Being poor is not emblematic of a moral debt, but criminalizing poverty is.” 


Students at a Virginia School Set Out to Fight Segregation. Would They Succeed? 

The Washington Post 

“We’ve all been aware of what we weren’t given. … This gave us an opportunity to really show what [our school] is made of.” 


How Segregation Keeps Poor Students of Color Out of Whiter, Richer Nearby Districts 


“[M]any districts are so segregated that they can’t be integrated just by moving students around within their borders. School district boundaries that draw a sharp line between two separate and unequal districts — one majority-white and well-funded, one nonwhite and underfunded — are quite common in the United States.”