What We’re Reading This Week: August 23, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

‘Nobody Learns it in a Day’: Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools 

Education Week 

“In the last decade, trauma-sensitive schooling has spread, driven by the emerging research, devastating natural and manmade disasters, and school discipline debates. Federal laws on special education and poverty now encourage schools to use trauma-informed practices, and more than a dozen states have passed laws or created grants designed to encourage schools to explore the approach.” 


In an All-Gender Cabin, Summer Campers ‘Don’t Have to Hide’ 

The New York Times 

“For gender-nonconforming campers, a new all-gender cabin at Camp Tawonga was a rare respite from the outside world, where bullying and the feeling of not fitting in can make growing up difficult.” 


‘We Are Committing Educational Malpractice’: Why Slavery Is Mistaught—And Worse—in American Schools. 

The New York Times 

“Think about what it would mean for our education system to properly teach students — young children and teenagers — about enslavement, what they would have to learn about our country. It’s ugly. For generations, we’ve been unwilling to do it.” 


When You Can’t Afford School Lunch, the Toll Is More Than Just Physical 

Teen Vogue 

“We know from starvation studies that hunger negatively impacts concentration, particularly on demanding, long-duration tasks. … You can see how a chronically malnourished child would be less alert and attentive in class, less likely to process and retain important building blocks of learning, and over time, less likely to succeed academically.” 


Parkland Students Unveil Sweeping Gun-Control Proposal and Hope for a Youth Voting Surge in 2020 

The Washington Post 

“Called ‘A Peace Plan for a Safer America,’ the ambitious platform … goes much further than the current debate over universal background checks and ‘red flag’ laws, which would apply to people who could be a danger to themselves and others.”