What We’re Reading This Week: December 17, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

‘A Moral Disaster’: AP Reveals Scope of Migrant Kids Program 

AP News 

“Children are being treated as cogs in a machine, and their individual backgrounds, interests and unique identities are devalued as they are lost amongst the masses. This experience then becomes internalized, with significant psychological consequences.” 


Politics Becomes Personal as Students Advocate for Climate Change Policy in D.C. 

The Bowdoin Point 

“What you get on a test is important, but at the same time the grade you got on your math final is not going to be as important whether or not very final climate legislation gets passed, and if there is anything we can do to help that, I’d rather get a couple points off on a test.” 


U.S. Education in 2018 in 10 Charts 

Education Week 

“The charts, graphs, maps, and visualizations below all feature data that were released this year by the Education Week Research Center and other organizations, and convey some big takeaways about U.S. schools, students, and teachers in 2018.” 


DeVos to Rescind Obama-era Guidance on School Discipline 


“The recommendations on discipline form part of a broader effort by the Trump administration and DeVos to back away from Obama-era policies aimed at reducing racial disparities in suspensions and expulsions.” 


Falling Out 

The Washington Post 

“A generation of African American heroin users is dying in the opioid epidemic nobody talks about. The nation’s capital is ground zero.”