What We’re Reading This Week: December 6, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

3 Kids. 2 Paychecks. No Home.

The California Sunday Magazine 

“There’s only so much a school can offer. It can’t give families apartments, or money, or jobs that pay a housing wage. It can’t pass stronger tenant-protection laws or prevent exploitation by unscrupulous landlords. … ‘The more I learn about what these kids are carrying the more overwhelmed I get.’” 


Black JCPS Students Tend to Get Novice Teachers, Analysis Confirms

Courier Journal

“A Courier Journal analysis of state and district data from the 2016-17 school year confirms that majority black schools in JCPS face high rates of teacher turnover, leaving students in many of the district's most troubled schools with teachers less equipped to provide them with a quality education.” 


A Dreaded Part of Teachers’ Jobs: Restraining and Secluding Students


“[I]f I am to restrain a student, then I’m essentially putting forth a situation that’s going to create trauma for that student.” 


Sharp Nationwide Enrollment Drop in Teacher Prep Programs Cause for Alarm

U.S. News and World Report 

“The number of black and Latino students enrolled in teacher preparation programs had decreased by 25%. The teacher workforce, in which 80% of educators are white, 9% are Latino and 7% are black, is already less racially diverse than the overall U.S. labor force, despite being a profession in which the importance of teachers of color cannot be overstated.”


The Future of Sex Ed Has Arrived. Is America Ready?


“What’s happening in California is a version of a conflict that’s likely to ramp up around the country in coming years. What some parents and conservative groups call ‘indoctrination,’ sex education advocates call changing the world: teaching students to respect each other’s identities and autonomy in ways they hope will lead to less sexual assault, harassment, and homophobia in society at large.”