What We’re Reading This Week: February 14, 2020

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

‘You Can’t Help But to Wonder’: Crumbling Schools, Less Money, and Dismal Outcomes In the County That Was Supposed to Change Everything For Black Children In the South 

The Hechinger Report 

“Fifty years after the Alexander v. Holmes decision, black students in the Mississippi Delta remain shut out from an equal education.” 


Under Siege: The Disturbing Impact of Immigration Enforcement on the Nation’s Schools 

Immigration Initiative at Harvard 

“The empty seats are a reminder to everyone in the class that some of their classmates are missing.” 


2 Big Teachers Unions Call For Rethinking Student Involvement In Lockdown Drills 


“When the little bell before an announcement happens, or when the fire alarm goes off, you can see this fear in students’ faces as they wonder, is this going to be a lockdown? Is this a drill? What’s happening? There’s so much anxiety just by a little trigger like that.” 


‘I’m Embarrassed to Be Part of a School District That Made National News Just Because of Racist Remarks,’ Saline Student Tells Board 


“I’ve come up here for over a year now and I’m angry. I think a lot of people are angry, too. This is a tidal wave that’s long been coming.” 


Miami Middle School Students Hope Their Magazine Will Help End Gun Violence 


“Our goal is for all of them to listen to us, the youths, because we are the future. That’s what legislators always say — that we are the future. But what about the now?”