What We're Reading This Week: January 5, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

As End of DACA Looms, an 'Anxious Time' for Immigrant Educators and Students

Education Week

“Even as DACA supporters stage rallies on Capitol Hill and in communities across the nation, little has changed in the four months since President Donald Trump announced plans to end the program. The lack of progress and looming deadline has left undocumented residents, many of whom teach and learn in the nation’s K-12 schools, in a state of constant uncertainty, with a sense of hopelessness already setting in for some.”


School Closures Loom in Puerto Rico as Enrollment Shrinks After Maria


“Across the island, enrollment has shrunk by some 22,350 students since the storm hit, according to Puerto Rico’s Department of Education. That means about 1 in 13 kids are gone, and it’s unclear whether they’ll ever be back.”


Spread of Fake News Prompts Literacy Efforts in Schools


“I don’t think it’s a partisan issue to appreciate the importance of good information and the teaching of tools for navigating the information environment. There is such a thing as an objective source versus other kinds of sources, and that’s an appropriate thing for schools to be teaching.”


Doctors and Teachers Could Team Up to Reduce Stress in Schools


“I didn’t realize then what I know now— that there are so many different people who can help children with these stressors. As a teacher, I never dreamt of talking to a pediatrician. Why didn’t anyone tell me I didn’t have to do this alone?”


#MeTooK12: A New Hashtag for Students Sexually Assaulted or Harassed in K-12 Schools

The Washington Post

“An extension of the #MeToo social media movement, the new hashtag is an effort to highlight sexual harassment and assault at K-12 schools, a problem that has received far less public attention than on college campuses and in the workplace.”

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