What We're Reading This Week: July 6, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

The Problem With Generalizing About ‘America’s Schools’ 

The Atlantic 

"A focus on large-scale national reform can actually do harm, insofar as it must emphasize generic one-size-fits-all solutions that ignore state- and local-level needs." 


If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher. If You Don’t Work Over the Weekend, Thank a Union 

The Hechinger Report 

"This decision [Janus v. the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees] doesn’t look out for the next generation—the students of today may well be the teachers of tomorrow. And we kneecap them now in their ability to fight for decent working conditions and a living wage." 


For Thousands of Migrant Children, Shelters Are Becoming Makeshift Schools 

The New York Times 

"According to lawyers and educators with firsthand knowledge of the child detention system, the education offered inside the facilities is uneven and, for some children, starkly inadequate." 


‘Hope Is a Powerful Weapon’: Unpublished Mandela Prison Letters 

The New York Times 

"Many of the letters speak directly to the pain and challenges of being held apart from his family. Letter writing and mail was severely restricted by prison authorities, and many of Mandela’s letters were censored or never delivered." 


What We Get Wrong About the Poverty Gap in Education 

The Washington Post 

"By focusing on the perceived inadequacies of their parents, we’re failing as a society to attack the far more severe impediments to closing education gaps—in part because it’s easier to blame poor people than to have hard conversations about unfairness and inequity in our society." 

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