What We’re Reading This Week: March 8, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

The Schools That Tried—But Failed—to Make Native Americans Obsolete 

The Atlantic 

“Education was something that was done to us, not something that was provided for us.” 


The Evolving Role of Race in Children’s Lit, From ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘The Hate U Give’ 


“For [Ebony Elizabeth Thomas], the turning point came when she read a sentence in one of the early [Harry Potter] books that started with four simple words: ‘A tall black girl.’” 


1.7 Million Students Attend Schools With Police But No Counselors, New Data Show 

Education Week 

“When there are no other behavioral resources at hand, some teachers request help from law enforcement. This results in an increased criminalization of our youth: we found that schools with police reported 3.5 times as many arrests as schools without police.” 


A Big Reason Rural Students Never Go to College: Colleges Don’t Recruit Them 

Hechinger Report 

“Providing greater postsecondary opportunities for rural residents isn’t simply a matter of equity or moral obligation—it’s a matter of continued national prosperity.” 


They Were Raised to Be ‘Colorblind’—But Now More White Parents Are Learning to Talk About Race 

The Washington Post 

“We are going to mess up when we do this work; we are humans, and we have to be at peace with that. And then we can have another conversation, because that’s the wonderful thing about parenting: It continues.”