What We’re Reading This Week: May 10, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

Seven and Out of School Since 2017: How Jazmiah Slipped Through the Cracks of NYC’s Special Ed System 


“Jazmiah is one of thousands of students with disabilities in New York City who are going without mandated services. According to the city’s own statistics, roughly one-quarter of its 224,000 students with disabilities are not getting all of the help they’re entitled to—or aren’t receiving services at all.” 


Misery and Memory in Glendora, Mississippi: How Poverty is Reshaping the Story of Emmett Till’s Murder 

The Conversation 

“Who gets to tell this racially charged story? Who gets to decide what, exactly, happened? And what’s motivating the construction of these memorials?” 


Schools Teach Civics. Do They Model It? 

Education Week 

“All but absent from the growing civics education conversation is the recognition that everyday interactions in schools also inform students’ civic development, and that often those interactions tell a totally different story about individuals’ rights from the government textbooks used in class.” 


Kids in America Are Missing School Because They Can’t Afford Toothpaste and Tampons 


“As long as government programs such as SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] continue to put toothpaste and tampons on the same list of prohibited purchases as tobacco and beer, teachers, parents and local communities will likely still provide such items.” 


Florida to Let Teachers Carry Guns. Will Black Students Pay the Price? 

The New York Times 

“Arming teachers is not the right approach to keep our children safe. This program would place students, teachers and first responders at risk, when our focus should be on keeping our students safe and making schools places where they feel they belong.”