What We're Reading This Week: May 11, 2018

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

What Is Trans History? From Activist and Academic Roots, a Field Takes Shape 

American Historical Association

“At a time when trans people are experiencing increased media visibility simultaneously with waves of hostile legislation, negative political rhetoric, and violence, scholars say that studying trans history is particularly valuable.”


Study: Free School Meals Can Improve Students’ Health

Education Dive

“The researchers suggest that the [Community Eligibility Provision] program needs to be ‘effective, feasible, and attractive to schools in all location types’ in order to eliminate health disparities among disadvantaged children.”


The Faces of the Teacher Revolt

Education Week

“It’s been called the teacher revolt. Teachers in five states so far have risen up and walked out of their classrooms to protest low pay, cuts to education funding, or changes to their pensions. In all of these states, individual teachers … have taken charge of the grassroots movement through social media.”


What Happens When We Forget?

Facing South

“Lynchers made a mockery of the 14th Amendment even before the ink dried, denying to Black Americans due process and equal protection of the law — denying the privilege of life itself.”


In My Mother’s Eyes, and Mine

The New York Times

“Because blindness induces so much fear in everyone, friends, teachers, store clerks and even ophthalmologists colluded to turn my mother and me into people who appeared to have far better vision. At a young age, I’d memorized the seldom-changing eye chart so I could perform better on eye exams.” 

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