What We’re Reading This Week: May 17, 2019

A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

School-Based Legal Clinic Addresses Needs of Los Angeles Immigrant Families 

Education Dive 

“While sometimes students are in the country legally, many have ‘mixed-status’ families and may experience a family member’s deportation … ‘School may be one of the few or the only official institution that they have a high level of trust in, particularly in this day and age.’” 


How Can Teachers Bounce Back From Failure? 

Education Week 

“Teachers ... have a lot of responsibility and a lot of accountability and they take the responsibility very seriously. When a ball gets dropped, and they feel like they haven’t done something up to their own standards, then that feels very hard for them. It feels very lonely.” 


New Statue of Liberty Museum Illuminates a Forgotten History 

The New York Times 

“[The museum’s designers] spotlight a bit of history that is often forgotten: that the French creators intended the statue as a commemoration of the abolition of slavery in the United States.” 


How Do We Show Up? 

Tricia Ebarvia 

“If I want students to bring their whole selves to class, I need to do the same. Every day, the news and the world reminds me of how important it is to show up in this work.” 


School Segregation is Getting Worse 65 Years After Brown v. Board of Education [AUDIO] 

WNYC Studios 

“Since Brown, the demographics of our country have shifted to change the makeup of the student body itself, so that school segregation is no longer a black-white issue. However, our schools don’t reflect that reality.”