School Climate Resources

Teaching Tolerance receives an alarming number of reports about hate and bias incidents in schools. In response, we created a package of our most-requested school climate materials. The package contains tools, protocols and practical advice for making your school more open and welcoming to all students. Like all of our materials, these resources are FREE to download, print and use in your school. Each has an on-demand professional development webinar.

Responding to Hate at School

Responding to Hate and Bias at School

Does your school have established protocols and plans in the event of bigotry- or hate-related incidents?

Find suggestions for preventing and navigating a hate-related crisis in our guide. It is designed primarily for school administrators, but teachers, staff, counselors, students and others also may find guidance here.

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Speak Up At School

Speak Up at School

What should you do when someone—a student, a colleague, even a parent—uses biased language or stereotypes in school? This guide offers advice to adults about how to respond in these situations, and it gives guidance for helping students learn to speak up as well.

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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk! Discussing Race, Racism and Other Difficult Topics With Students

This resource is for educators working to build their own competency in communicating about—and facilitating conversations on—race and racism. The strategies in this guide can also be used to build competency when discussing other types of discrimination and social inequities.

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