Teacher Leadership

“Don’t be afraid to suggest a risky idea. They will remember your imagination, commitment and willingness to think outside the box.”

Amanda Morris

Critical Practices for Anti-bias Education

This professional development seminar shows how teachers can take action and create the conditions that bring the key components of culturally responsive pedagogy to life.

Reflecting on Practice

Is your classroom a calm, relaxing day or a violent, destructive storm? Is it sunny, cloudy or rainy? Is it frigidly cold? Are you a calm, refreshing breeze or a tornado?

Reflection: When I Feel...

This activity helps students and adults understand the difference between charity (responsible for others) and service (responsible to others). Use in conjunction with class discussions and activities examining the difference between charity and empowerment.

Teaching Teachers: PD To Improve Student Achievement

"What matters most is what teachers learn." Overview Good teachers form the foundation of good schools, and improving teachers’ skills and knowledge is one of the most important investments of time and money that local,

White Anti-Racism: Living the Legacy

What does "white anti-racist" mean? How can guilt get in the way? And what's all this talk about being "colorblind"? Teaching Tolerance asked community activists to share their thoughts on these questions, and others. Their answers shine light on the concepts of comfort, power, privilege and identity.