Columbus Day ??

  • How do different people or groups represent and express their power?
  • How do our similarities and differences impact the relationships we have with people inside and outside our own identity groups?
  • What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people?
  • What are the challenges of celebrating what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
  • Grade Level
    Social Studies
    Social Justice Domains

    Exploring Diversity, Bias, Stereotyping,Prejudice, and Gender Roles

  • How can one's own identity and self-awareness play a role in creating a sense of multicultural understanding?
  • Why do we create different biases based on one's race, gender, culture, or socioeconomic status?
  • How do our various group identities shape us as individuals?
  • How do our intersecting identities shape our perspectives and the way we experience the world?
  • Grade Level