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Social Studies: Anti-Racism

How are people similar to and different from each other?
What are the benefits and challenges of living in a diverse society?
How can we celebrate what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
How can we make connections across our differences?
How do communities become diverse?
What skills are necessary within diverse societies?
How does an individual...

Grade Level
Social Studies
Social Justice Domains
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Martin Luther King Jr.

How can I be kind to all people?
What can I do to make things fair?
How do I speak up when I see people treated unfairly?
Why is it scary to speak up sometimes?
How am I the same as other people? How am I different from other people?
How can I show people I like them?
Are people...

Grade Level
Social Studies
Social Justice Domains
learning plan

Anti Racist Education for Grade 5

What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
What has happened throughout history to people like me?
How can I be proud of who I am and celebrate others?
How do I benefit from my identities?
What privileges do I have that others don’t?
Do all people have the same rights?
Why is history important? Does it...