Let’s Talk About Lula: Using Chapter 12 of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to Explore Multiple Perspectives

This lesson focuses on Chapter 12 of To Kill A Mockingbird, which provides a brief moment where students can see the reaction of one African-American character, Lula. Spending time looking at and understanding Lula’s anger toward Scout and Jem is critical to teaching this novel.

The New Mad Men

“The New Mad Men” explores how changing demographics in the United States have changed the face of advertising. In particular, the focus is on the purchasing power of the 54 million Latinx people currently living in the United States. The episode visits the headquarters of LatinWorks, an advertising agency in Austin, Texas, with a specialty in multicultural advertising.

The Importance of Female Voices

This lesson examines the gender discrepancy among Wikipedia contributors. Students create their own class wiki in order to discover why, despite Wikipedia’s policy of openness, girls and women comprise only 13 percent of Wikipedia contributors.
Grade Level
Reading & Language Arts
Social Studies
Social Justice Domain