Disrespect and Intolerance in the Lindbergh Community

  • What truly is disrespect and intolerance?
  • How does it affect the Lindbergh High School community?
  • How can we promote a more inviting and respectful school environment?
  • Why might people not feel safe to express all their identities?
  • How are people similar to and different from each other?
  • Grade Level

    EqSTrEAM: Equity in Sci Tech Eng Art Math for REPRESENTATION

  • How do manufacturing and consumer choices impact general health of an ecosystem?
  • What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people?
  • How do different people or groups represent and express their power?
  • How can the lived experiences of individuals reflect social inequities?
  • Grade Level
    Math & Technology
    Science & Health
    Social Justice Domains

    Exploring Equity in Education

  • What are the differences between how I live and how others live?
  • Does everyone have the same rights?
  • What does it mean to be unfair? In class? In school? At home? In my community? In the world?
  • How do I know when people are being treated unfairly?
  • How have people been treated unfairly in the past?
  • How have people stopped unfairness in the past?
  • Who decides what is fair?
  • What can I do to make things fair?
  • How do I speak up when I see people treated unfairly?
  • How can I make the world, my class, my street, a better place?
  • What privileges are available for certain groups of people but not for others?
  • What contributions have people made to justice and fairness historically?
  • What can one person do to create a safe, welcoming place for all?
  • Grade Level
    Social Studies
    Social Justice Domains