Facing Homelessness

  • How does getting to know someone better change the way you think about them?
  • What is the difference between being treated unfairly by another person and receiving unequal treatment under the law?
  • How do bias and prejudice undermine equal rights?
  • How would society be affected if no one took responsibility for standing up for others?
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    Social Studies
    Math & Technology
    Science & Health
    Social Justice Domains

    Exploring Our Identities, Building Beloved Youth Community, Taking Action for Inclusion and Justice

  • What are group identities and how do they describe me? Others?
  • What has happened throughout history to people like me?
  • How do I get to know others and allow others to get to know all of me?
  • What does it mean to feel good about myself and how can I express that I like who I am?
  • How can I be proud of who I am and celebrate others?
  • What privileges do I have that others don’t?
  • How can I describe and compare my group identities with those of other people?
  • Can words about identity hurt people?
  • How can I ask people about their lives and experiences in a respectful, kind and understanding way?
  • Why is history important? Does it affect how people live today?
  • How can I live, work and play with others when we have differences?
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • How are we members of groups but also individuals?
  • What clues help me know when and how people are being treated unfairly?
  • What privileges are available for certain groups of people but not for others?
  • What contributions have people made to justice and fairness historically?
  • When is a person’s humanity denied?
  • What advantages or disadvantages do I notice because of identity groups?
  • How is my life easier or more difficult based on who I am and where I was born?
  • Grade Level

    Mathematics Learning Plan

  • How does an individual benefit from living in a diverse society? Living in a diverse society helps individuals benefit because everyone has different skills that can be brought to the table to help another individual that is weaker in that area.
  • What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people? We gain knowledge of the experience which will allow us to understand what we need to do or don't need to do based on a person's personal experience.
  • Grade Level
    Math & Technology
    Social Justice Domains