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Helping students develop Empathy through critical discussion and listening

How do our differences unite us and make us stronger?
How do we become more empathetic to people we don't agree with?
What does critical discussion and listening look like?
What is the difference between fact and opinion?
How do I effectively research; what is a valid source and how do I spot bias?
How can I describe ways people...

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Slaves Petition for Freedom

What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people?

How do we connect in meaningful ways with people who are different from us?

Why do some people choose to avoid those who are different? Why do others seek diversity?

What does it mean to say that there is strength in diversity?

Does everyone have an...

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Teaching World Religions with a Social Justice Lens

How does belonging to a particular faith tradition shape people as individuals?

How do people's religious views affect their political lives?

How does membership in a majority religion confer privilege? 

What are the challenges of celebrating religious commonalities while also honoring our differences?

How does struggle help define who we are?

How could one person’s identity threaten another person’s rights...

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Social Studies
Social Justice Domains